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Austin Road Subdivision Case Study

Mako Civil delivered all earthworks for a 4 lot subdivision at 24 Austin Road. This project included earthworks, stormwater, drainage and installation of utilites including water, power and fibre.

Mako Civil built a new 300m long, 1500m2 concrete roading pavement and ensured that multiple residents who accessed the shared ROW were kept informed throughout.

  • Construction of new Right of Way and associated earthworks.

  • Construction of new vehicle crossing including clegg testing and sign off from WDC.

  • Construction of a Stormwater Attenuation trench and the associated outlet.

  • Extension of the existing water reticulation.

  • Trenching for and coordination with Northpower for the provision of new electricity & fibre connections.

  • Modification of a rock wall under the guidance of Heritage New Zealand.

Austin Rd Subdivision 1 (1).HEIC
Austin Rd Subdivision (1).jpg


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