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Trust Mako Civil as your certified sewerage, septic and stormwater installation specialists.


Septic systems, stormwater and sewerage connections need to be constructed and installed by a trusted, certified contractor. Mako Civil is a Whangarei District Council approved service provider for connecting to Council sewers and installing new sewerage connections. 

We cover septic tank installation, Enviro Septic and seepage pit and field construction. Mako Civil can connect new residential and commercial properties to Council sewer systems, install and connect stormwater attenuation, and construct and connect extensive subdivision sewer systems. We will design a sewerage connection system that works for you, providing drawings to accompany your building consent application.

Mako Civil can connect an existing home or commercial property to the Whangarei District Council sewer system as it continues to extend throughout the region, we can also disconnect old septic tank systems as part of this work.

Mako Civil is an approved installer of Duracrete septic tanks and water tanks, Cleanstream TRX systems and we are an AES certified installer for onsite wastewater treatment systems. Whatever your requirements, we have the experience, knowledge and certifications to get your sewerage connections or systems installed.

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