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Mains Ave Subdivision Case Study

Mako Civil Contracting completed this 4 lot subdivision at 40 - 42 Mains Ave, installing private and public stormwater drainage, private and public sanitary sewer drainage, service installation of water, power, fibre.

This project had its challenges as the area had a substantial amount of rock and groundwater beneath the surface. This project included the install of a new 1050mm manhole over the existing 150mm WDC public sewer line that was in the middle of the road 2.5m deep. Our team had to continually dewater the excavation and break out rock to complete construction. Bringing the new 150mm public main into the new lots presented more challenges as we encountered more rock, groundwater, water mains, gas mains, telecom and power. 

Communicating with local residents was essential for a project of this size working on a busy residential road. We wre in constant communication with local traffic controllers to ensure the area was safe for the public including creating an alternate footpath around our site works.


Scope of works included:

  • Construction of new Right of Way and associated earthworks.

  • Construction of new vehicle crossing including clegg testing and sign off from WDC.

  • Construction of new uPVC 300mm stormwater lines including two 1050mm manholes and a saddle connection onto existing 900mm concrete public line.

  • Construction of new uPVC 150mm public sanitary sewer line including two 1050mm manholes ranging from 2.5m deep to 1.5m deep.

  • Hot mix asphalt 32sqm of Mains Ave including clegg testing and sign off from WDC.

  • Extension of the existing water reticulation.

  • Trenching for and coordination with Northpower for the provision of new electricity & fibre connections.



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