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Mako Civil handles all forms of residential & commercial earthworks, from excavating house sites, completing pre-construction works for concrete slabs and excavating for landscaping and pools. 


Whether it’s footings and preparation of house or commercial building sites, or construction of driveways and all aspects of drains, sewer, septic and stormwater services the Mako team can help.


Our team of certified drainlayers are approved Whangarei District Council contractors.


Our experienced team understands the importance of delivering efficient and value for money residential & commercial earthworks. The Mako Civil Contracting team works closely with owners, main contractors and other trades to carry out all earthworks to prepare or repair, and landscape your site.


Our crew are specialists in both timber and redi rock retaining walls, as well as constructing and laying concrete slabs and pads. 


Looking for a residential & commercial earthworks expert, then contact Mako Civil now.


Contact Mako Civil Contracting to discuss your commercial or residential earthworks and drainlaying requirements.


Take a look at some of our project images. 

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