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Mako Civil’s team are experts in earthworks for utilities electrical, fibre, water and sewerage and roads, pavements and pathways for residential, commercial and large scale subdivisions.


Mako Civil carries out all earthworks involved in creating the space for roads to be built. This work includes excavating, filling, grading and compacting to create the base of the road. Mako Civil knows that a strong foundation is essential for the long-term performance of the road which is why we will expertly prepare the ground surface for laying of concrete, asphalt or chipseal to ensure it lasts.

Installing utilities including electrical, fibre, water and sewerage requires expert precision. The Mako Civil team will ensure utilities are installed as planned and prevent settling or damage to the newly installed infrastructure which can lead to costly repairs and disruptions. Our team will carefully backfill and compact the soil to ensure that the ground is restored to its original condition.

Our expertise in utility installation ensures all work is completed to a high standard whether that is for a large commercial project or subdivision or the residential market. Our team's attention to detail ensures the project will be delivered on time and to budget.


Contact Mako Civil Contracting to discuss your commercial or residential earthworks and drainlaying requirements.


Take a look at some of our project images. 

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